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Focused Ultrasound Surgery
Against Functional Brain Disorders

We offer to patients suffering from chronic and therapy-resistant functional brain disorders, a sparing concept centered on millimeter-large and abnormally functioning brain targets, allowing bilateral treatments and absence of neurological deficits, and the exclusive use of the new focused ultrasound technology, which reduces most significantly the treatment risks and optimizes targeting precision.

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January 2010

Opening Date

April 2011

Beginning of Ultrasound Treatments

February 2013

Beginning of Commercial Activity

20+ years

of Academic Research


Stereotactic Treatments

<1 mm

Targeting Accuracy

General Treatment facts

FUS interventions
Targets sonicated
Effects on neighboring structures
Neurological worsenings

Effects on neighboring structures (surrounding surgical targets) were partial and mostly transient.
Neurological worsenings were moderate and mostly transient and seen always in the context of preoperative reduced neurological states

Targeting Accuracies

Difference between the atlas target coordinates and the lesion coordinates,
as measured on 2 days post-operative MRI scans:

1 mm
in Medio-Lateral direction
1 mm
in Antero-Posterior direction
1 mm
in Dorso-Ventral direction
1 mm
as three-dimensional vector