Brand new video talks by Prof. Daniel Jeanmonod!

Here is a new series of 8 video talks with Prof Daniel Jeanmonod, MD, Neurosurgeon at SoniModul. By following those 8 talks, you’ll get the whole package of informations about:

  1. Functional Neurosurgery
  2. The CV of Prof. Jeanmonod
  3. Technology of MR-guided Focused UltraSound (MRgFUS)
  4. Thalamocortical Dysrhythmia
  5. The psychoemotional dimension in brain disorders
  6. The treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
  7. The treatment of Essential Tremor
  8. The treatment of Neuropathic Pain

You can view independently each one of the videos or the whole series as a complete course.

It is now time to get a bucket of popcorn, sit down comfortably, click on “play” and “full screen”. We hope you will enjoy these videos as much as we enjoyed recording them! And feel free to share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!