Transcranial magnetic resonance imaging-guided focused ultrasound: noninvasive central lateral thalamotomy for chronic neuropathic pain.

Recent technological developments open the field of therapeutic application of focused ultrasound to the brain through the intact cranium. The goal of this study was to apply the new transcranial magnetic resonance imaging–guided focused ultrasound (tcMRgFUS) technology to perform noninvasive central lateral thalamotomies (CLTs) as a treatment for chronic neuropathic pain.

Measurement of targeting accuracy in focused ultrasound functional neurosurgery

The object of this study was to describe a method of measuring targeting accuracy in functional neurosurgery using MR imaging and the Stereotactic Atlas of the Human Thalamus and Basal Ganglia. This method should be useful for any functional procedure using these tools or similar ones, and is described here in the specific context of focused ultrasound surgery.